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I am Matthew 

I can help you realise ideas as things and spaces


With over ten years experience designing and delivering objects, spaces and experiences for clients across a variety of industries, including TV, exhibitions, theatre and advertising I have accumulated a wide range of skills, experience and processes from which to pull from when approaching any project.


With a flare for problem solving and keen eye for detail, I approach every project ready to relish any challenge that may present its self. With my advanced skill set as maker I am able to explore new and innovative production methods both when delivering or developing a project.


When working with a new client, I take the time to build an understanding of their processes and ideas through great communication and patience. Going back and forth over ideas I try to help them realise extended possibilities to their ideas, or simple allow them to see creative ways of beating a budget or deadline.


Im passionate about what I do and so I care that every project delivered is done so, professionally and to the highest quality and effect.


While I am happy to undertake projects at any specific location, I do work from my Sheffield based studio, in which I can design, manufacture and present works. The space has facilities for all aspects of making, including metal work, carpentry and CNC cutting.